The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen -

This is a must have list for your grocery shopping days.  A list of the twelve fruits and veggies most heavily saturated with pesticides, and a list of the fifteen least chemically-laden fruits and veggies.  If eating organic all the time is not in your budget, this list will help you prioritize the most important produce items to buy organic as often as you are able.

Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen -

A great site for healthy, delicious, whole foods.  On a sugar-free diet?  Find sugar-free baking here.  Off gluten and dairy?  No problem, there are lots of delicious and simple alternatives here.  No need to feel deprived anymore - healthy food can be delicious and fun!

Elana’s Pantry -

This website is full of great gluten-free recipes, including breads and desserts that use healthy sweeteners and non-carbohydrate flours like almond and coconut.  Almond flour is a great alternative to wheat flour in baking.  It’s high in protein, healthy fats, and nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E.  This is a slightly different approach to baking, but it’s one that I find creates a tastier result than some of the gluten-free treats one might find at the grocery store.

The Detoxinista -

My new favorite website for healthy treats, snacks, and meals.  Got a sweet craving?  You can find tons of recipes here for healthy treats that still satisfy your desires and don’t leave you feeling deprived.  Looking for grain-free alternatives?  Check out the cauliflower crust pizza or the almond butter pancakes - you will never guess these don’t have flour in them once you try them for yourself!

Supercook -

Don’t know what to make for dinner?  Go to this site, enter your ingredients and voila, a list of recipes is generated for you to choose from.  Great for those end-of-week/empty-fridge days.


Kids Crafts -

Some great, at-home craft ideas for kids.  Simple, but fun and engaging for kids AND adults alike.

Hand Made Gifts -

An alternative and thoughtful way to celebrate the holidays and bring the holiday spirit into your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Lots of great gift ideas here!

Book Mooch -

Trade in books to earn credits and then use your credits to purchase books from other people.  A fun and free way to satisfy all your literature and knowledge needs.


Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine -

Dr. Marcoux’s alma mater and the only accredited naturopathic college in western Canada!

British Columbia Naturopathic Association -

The provincial association supporting naturopathic physicians.

College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia -

The provincial regulating body for naturopathic physician in BC.

Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors -

The federal association supporting naturopathic physicians.


Work/Life Quiz -

How balanced is your work and personal life?  A short quiz from the Canadian Mental Health Association to help you figure it out and some great resources to help you manage stress.

OneSpout -

On a budget?  Looking to inject some leisure time into your life without breaking the bank?  It’s time to check out group coupons, the hottest new way to save money on the web.  Onespout collects all the group deals in your area and sends an email full of savings to your mailbox everyday.  You can personalize the deals you receive and block the ones you aren’t interested in.


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